CRUNCH is an international multidisciplinary research project running from 2017 to 2021.

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Climate - Resilient - Urban - Nexus - CHoices

What is a NEXUS?

A NEXUS is a focal point that bundles a series of connections and links, such as a system of urban infrastructure.
CRUNCH will help cities to solve the increasing challenges of food, water and energy management.
CRUNCH has an integrated approach to facilitate decision-making and learning from city to city.

The aims of CRUNCH are:

1. CRUNCH will demonstrate how the Food-Water-Energy Nexus can strengthen urban resilience and resource efficiency in the participating cities: Southend-on-Sea, Gdansk, Uppsala, Eindhoven, Glasgow, Miami and Taipei.

2. To create an interconnected knowledge platform with cross-sectorial indicators for a support tool and assessment framework (the Integrated Decision Support System - IDSS)

3. To use guiding tools which will improve and support robust decision-making on future urban development.

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The Primary Objective of CRUNCH is:

The realisation of an Integrated Decision Support System (IDSS),  a map-based platform for decision makers that will provide consistent and coordinated support for multiple users on varied decisions in urban planning.