Articles, papers and books
will support the dissemination
of new knowledge created.
In addition, we will regularly
share project results at
conferences and symposia.

Publications from the CRUNCH project:

Refereed Articles

Yuan, M.H., Chiueh, P.T. and Lo, S.L. Science of The Total Environment Volume 687, October 2019, p152-160
Understanding synergies and trade-offs between water and energy production at landfill sites.

Ghodsvali, M., Krishnamurthy, S.,and de Vries, B. Environmental Science & Policy Volume 101, November 2019, p. 266-278
Review of transdisciplinary approaches to food-water-energy nexus: A guide towards sustainable development.

Lehmann, S. in City, Culture and Society, Vol. 13, 6, 06.2018, p. 46-56:
Implementing the Urban Nexus approach for improved resource-efficiency of developing cities in Southeast-Asia.

Yuan, K.Y., Lin, Y.C., Chiueh, P.T., and Lo, S.L., in Energy Policy, vol 119, August 2018, p. 502-514:
Spatial optimization of the food, energy and water nexus: A life cycle assessment-based approach.

Conference Papers

Book Chapters

Lehmann, S. 2018. Invited book chapter ‘Chapter 2.10. Urban Nexus in the Asia Pacific region: A Conceptual framework’, in: Urban Energy Transition, 2nd Edition - Handbook for Cities and Regions, Peter Droege (Ed.), available Aug. 2018, Elsevier/Lisdar Publishing, p. 371-398:
Urban Energy Transition 2nd Edition


Lehmann, S. Urban Regeneration: a Manifesto for transforming UK Cities in times of Climate Change.
(Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2019).

Policy Briefs

Other Publications

IET, Digital Twins for the Built Environment. Co-authored by Chris Cooper